Palace Daily #17: Amazon Prime To Broadcast Premier League Fixtures! | Mid-Table Next Season?

Two questions for you all today. Firstly, whether your a Palace fan or not, I’d love to know where you think we can finish next season in the PL. Also, what are your thoughts on Amazon Prime being able to broadcast PL games from 2019?

Palace Daily #16: Leroy Sane Out Of Germany’s World Cup Squad?

Wow! How many world class players are missing from this World Cup? Crazy to think Sane hasn’t got into the Germany squad, so would love to know your thoughts on all the players missing the World Cup (who should be there in your opinions)

Palace Daily #15: Guaita Or Lafont? Our GK Situation

So my question to you guys is simple. Guaita or Lafont? Which keeper would you prefer at Palace? We already have signed Guaita, but is it right to sell him instantly to bring in the young 19-year-old from France?

Arsenal Star Jack Wilshere To Palace?

Over the summer transfer window I will be doing these videos to discuss any new, or emerging, Palace transfer rumours that come about. News has been building recently, that Palace may be looking to sign Jack Wilshere from Arsenal! Here are my thoughts on the potential move and everything you need...

Palace Daily #14: Crystal Palace Ladies Not Selected For Women's Championship?

The FA announced, this week, the teams that would be added to the Women's Championship next season. Palace Ladies, despite an amazing application missed out, whilst Manchester United were accepted, despite not even having a women's team until next season!! How unfair is this? What are you...

Palace Daily #13: Former Palace Players Lose Playoff Finals

After watching former Palace players: Jedi, Moxey and Boateng lose for their clubs in the playoffs this season, I want to know the following: When have you guys ever supported another club, in a final or one off game, because a former Palace player has been playing for them?

Palace Daily #12: Real Madrid Are Champions Of Europe Again!

Today I give my thoughts on the two finals that were played yesterday. The ups and downs of the Champions League final and Championship Playoff final.

Palace Daily #11: Who Has The Best Kit In The Premier League?

Shorter one today, interested to know everyone’s opinions on the new kits released, by a number of clubs, for the 2018/19 Premier League season.

World Cup Winner Schurrle To Palace?

Over the summer transfer window I will be doing these videos to discuss any new or emerging Palace transfer rumours that come about. Today, I heard rumours linking 2014 World Cup winner, Andre Schurrle, to Palace! Here are my thoughts and everything Palace fans need to know about the player...

Palace Daily #10: Palace Throwback... Wednesday?

Not quite ‘throwback Thursday’, but thought today I’d look back at some of the Palace players in my lifetime that have been fan favourites, despite not being the best of footballers! Also want to hear your thoughts (other fans are welcome to comment too) as well as your first ever game at Selhurst...

Is Zaha Leaving Palace?

Over the summer transfer window I will be doing these videos to discuss any new or emerging Palace transfer rumours that come about. As it's quite quiet on that front, at the moment, this first video will look at Zaha and the constant news stories linking him to a move away from Selhurst. I...

Palace Daily #9: Nainggolan Left Out Of Belgium’s World Cup Squad?

Incredibly, Radja Nainggolan has been left out of Belgium’s 28 man squad for the World Cup, as well as Morata for Spain! So who has been the biggest name to miss out on a World Cup over the years? Also, massive congrats to former Palace player, David Hopkins, and his Livingston team for getting...

Palace Daily #8: Chelsea Win The FA Cup!

What does the FA Cup mean to you and your team? Is it dead?! I love the FA Cup so much and hate how much it’s overlooked by the top teams.

Palace Daily #7: Favourite Palace Player?!

Sorry for the late upload! Been in Liverpool selling socks, as you do! Let me know your thoughts on who your favourite palace players are (bar Zaha!) and that question goes out to opposition fans too. Also, with so many manager changes happening in the league this summer. Who will West Ham, Arsenal...

Palace Daily #6: England’s World Cup Chances

With the England squad now officially announced, if love to hear your thoughts on the following: What do you think of the 23 man squad? How far can England go (or you think they can go) in the World Cup this year? And also, what chance do we have at signing Loftus-Cheek in the summer?

Palace Daily #5: Allardyce Sacked By Everton!

Big Sam is sacked by Everton! Palace fans are laughing but was that the right decision by Everton? Also, with the England World Cup squad being announced later today, let me know who you think deserves to be called up?

Top 5: Crystal Palace Home Kits

Here is my first top 5 list! There have been so many awesome Palace kits over the years, but here are my top 5.

Palace Daily #4: Another Season Ends!

Today I have a quick review to the West Brom game at the weekend as well as raise a couple of questions on our midfield and favourite moments of the season. Also thank you all for the insane supper you have given me throughout the season. Means the world

Matchday Vlog #20: A Great End To A Crazy Season!

What a crazy season this has been! Hodgson and the team have done wonders this season and now look! Can Palace snatch 10th place on the final day of the 2012/18 Premier League season, on John Motson's last commentary?...

Palace Daily #3: John Motson’s Last Game!

The legend that is John Motson retires after today’s game against West Brom. What an honour to have him at Selhurst!

Palace Preview

Final game of the season tomorrow at Selhurst against West Brom, so here is my preview to the game. Can Palace make top 10?

Palace Daily #2: Players Out Of Contract

Today I give my thoughts on a question raised in yesterday’s debut video in the series. Whether Palace will miss players that are out of contract this summer? I gave my quick thoughts on Cabaye and Ward. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s preview to the West Brom game!

Palace Daily #1 - New Palace Kits!

Back uploading on the channel with a new series called 'Palace Daily', where I chat to you guys about a palace related topic. After the end of season awards and kit reveal at BoxPark yesterday, today's video is on Palace's new kits for the 2018/19 season!...