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If you want quality, honest, unbiased punditry / match analysis look no further. All Fifa , troll, fickle and cheap gimmick football fans look away now. This channel is one for the football purists all over the globe that are tired of these agenda pushing fickle, big personality social media "football lovers". .

How Do I Switch Off From This , When News Constantly Breaks?

As the season has drawn to a end I thought to provide some of my personal thoughts off the pitch.

Surely This MCFC Side Has To Be One Of The Best Sides To Grace The Premier League?

Congrats to MCFC for winning the league well in fact they completely destroyed the league this season just gone.

A Final Word On Unai Emery, He Has My Full Support!

It appears some of you may of misunderstood me or even assumed because I may of had concerns about the man that I dont think he could work wonders for us ? Extreme attention to detail is the trait of his I love the most.